Malaga Inn, Mobile AL

Icky Hotel Room, Malaga Inn, Mobile AL//
Our room at the Malaga Inn

Water Stain on Ceiling, Malaga Inn, Mobile AL//

1978 is calling and they want their phone back:

Update: I have since gotten messages from the owners of the Malaga to please take down this post as they say that the rooms aren’t like this any more.  The rooms on their website when we booked were of gorgeous rooms (which gave us a certain expectation), nothing like what we were given.  This is just a cautionary tale: if you’re looking for the beautiful rooms that are shown on the website, make sure to verify that’s what you’ll be getting upon check-in.

Room: Well, ick. The Malaga Inn is ranked #1 in Mobile on, so obviously there are customers who have good experiences at this hotel. Not us. Super-hard mattress. Super-flat pillows. Creaky bed. (Small) TV missing buttons. Mismatched furniture, and not in a charming this-is-an-old-hotel way, either. Itchy/icky bedspread that we removed. Stained ceiling. A hundred other icky things, including a dirty, full ashtray that was left from a previous occupant *and* a 1/2-full bottle of shampoo left in the shower, which makes one wonder if the shower was cleaned at all.

Lobby: The lobby is okay, but what is really great about this hotel is the courtyard. It really is lovely.

Service: Check-in and check-out was fast.

Food: We didn’t eat anything at the hotel. I don’t think they have room service, but they do serve a breakfast, which we didn’t try (we were all screeching-tires and smoking-luggage-wheels out of there).

Spa: No spa.

Extra: Again, the outside makes the hotel look really charming…and the courtyard is nice (although at night I wonder if they have a leak in some of the gas lanterns, because we felt like we were in the bottom rack of a Weber grill when we sat outside). BTW, the room that is featured on the hotel website looks *completely* different than the room we were given….so I don’t really know if that means that it’s all hit-or-miss, or what.

Our experience is this: Never, ever again – we even stayed out extra late the evening we were there so we wouldn’t have to go back to this hotel. Yuck.

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