Le Pavillon Hotel, New Orleans LA

Le Pavillon Hotel Lobby, New Orleans LA

Lobby at LePavillon

Room: This was our first stay at the Le Pavillon. On TripAdvisor, it’s the highest-rated hotel in New Orleans. The rooms are quite small (but that’s not uncommon in New Orleans – rooms at Hotel Monteleone are about this same size) but furnished comfortably.

Lobby: The lobby is the best part of the hotel – just gorgeous. Several seating areas, lovely chandeliers, nice paintings. Every evening, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are served in the lobby.

Service: Although this is certainly a fine hotel, it isn’t the Ritz-Carlton. Everyone doesn’t know your name. The same level of service doesn’t seem to be there. Our reservation was *lost* upon check-in, and the error was blamed on Travelocity for not faxing them the reservation ((I’m not saying that’s not true, but Travelocity really faxes reservations to every hotel? I can’t imagine what would happen if a hotel’s fax ran out of paper, then memory, to retrieve reservations. Also: faxing?)). In any case, they were apologetic about it, but it took us about twenty minutes to check in, and we weren’t offered any upgrade or the valet service to be comped or anything. We didn’t ask for it, but I was thinking that if this kind of thing had happened elsewhere, that might have been offered.

Food: We didn’t order off the room service menu, but it seemed really overpriced (even at this level of hotel) without much in the way of choice. We instead walked to Acme Oyster House.

Extra: The hotel’s on Poydras, about four blocks from the Quarter – but it’s within walking distance of a lot of nice things.

Our experience is this: The Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans stays as our favorite hotel there; Le Pavillon was nice, but there wasn’t really anything about it that made us say to ourselves, “wow, I can’t wait to go back!”. On the other hand, the night we were there, rates at LePav – at just under $100 – were lower than many, many other hotels in town (including even a Hampton Inn in Metairie! cough!).

Hotel Room, Le Pavillon, New Orleans LA

Our Room

Bathroom, Le Pavillon, New Orleans LA

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