Dorignac’s and Joe Gambino’s

Dorignac's, New Orleans (Metairie) LA

Av and I love-love-love Dorignac’s. It’s the old-school grocery in Metairie (710 Veterans) that carries *everything*. There’s lots that we can’t get at home, so here’s what we bought:

Mayhaw jelly (not as easy to find as it used to be), muscadine jelly, Zatarain’s root beer extract (makes lots and lots of root beer), Old Bay Garlic and Herb (haven’t seen that before), Crystal hot sauce (just because), hot pepper jelly, Arnaud’s creole mustard, Dirty potato chips in spicy cajun, Boscoli olive salad, and Zapp’s in the new salsa flavor.

Joe Gambino's Bakery
Goodies from Gambino's
from top left: Caramel doberge, lemon doberge, chocolate doberge, Italian creme, turtle from Gambino’s

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