Days of Putt-Putt

While we were in East Lake last week, we saw the remnants of an old mini-golf place, right in the ‘front yard’ of the Elk’s Lodge there. It is ‘Arnold Palmer Putting Courses’ and is in a serious state of disrepair – but you can just tell that it must have really been quite nice, as far as mini-golf goes, in its day.

Av and I both **love** mini-golf! Nanny used to take me and one of my friends to the Putt-Putt in Gadsden (Rainbow City) all the time – in fact, we were in a ‘weather pic’ on the front page of the Gadsden Times one day putt-putting!

Av used to go play mini-golf a lot growing up too, and he even had one of his birthday parties at a Putt-Putt! Okay, back in the late ’70s….that was cool.

I am even a little jealous. 🙂

The Putt-Putt website lists only two of their courses in Alabama – the one in Rainbow City that I always went to, and another in Anniston on McClellan Blvd. There aren’t any in Mississippi, there are three in Georgia, two in Florida, six in Tennessee, and one each in Louisiana and Arkansas! There used to be tons more than that.

In Cullman, I would sometimes go with friends to the one at Sportsman’s Lake (I think that is officially Sportsman Lake) and every now and then the one at Smith Lake. Of course, along the coast, there are a bunch of non-branded mini-golf places that are really fun too – they usually include some sort of waterfall and at least one dinosaur. It’s best to go late at night when it’s too late for little kids and is a little cooler out in the Summer….

Av is much better than I am, but it’s still a lot of fun. Here are pics from the ‘Arnold Palmer Putting Courses’:

Sign, Arnold Palmer Putting Courses in East Lake (Birmingham-area)

Arnold Palmer Putting Course in East Lake

Arnold Palmer Putting Courses in East Lake (Birmingham-area)

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