When in Gordo…..

Front Porch Restaurant, Gordo AL

….have lunch at the Front Porch restaurant. Last month, Av and I were passing through Gordo and stopped at the Front Porch Restaurant there for Sunday lunch. Av had the hamburger steak and I tried the “chicken ‘n dressing”, which came with three vegetables, all of which were fabulous. In fact, next time I may just get the vegetable plate.

I took one of their ‘to go’ menus, and this is their vegetable selection on Sundays:

sweet potato casserole
macaroni and cheese
fried okra
butter beans
green beans
field peas
turnip greens
mashed potatoes
potato salad

…and they serve buttermilk pie!

I just did a Google search, and found this article (update: link no longer works) about the restaurant. What I especially liked was the last four paragraphs about another restaurant in Pickens county:

Aside from the freshness of the food and the county’s alcohol laws, Portwood appreciates the people of Aliceville the most.
“The people are incredibly old-fashioned southern,” he says.
When his children ran out of milk on a Sunday night, the owner of the Piggly Wiggly opened the store for him.
“People came and shook my hand and wished me luck when the restaurant first opened. Every one of them,” he says. “I have opened up many restaurants and have never had that experience.”

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