The Dinner Bell, McComb MS

The Dinner Bell, McComb MS

Av and I were lucky enough to be in McComb at dinner (lunch) time this week, so we stopped in at The Dinner Bell. There was a short wait, then we were seated with about twelve others. At The Dinner Bell, as well as at other ‘revolving tables’ restaurants, the food is set on a lazy susan, and you just spin that part of the table to make whatever you like accessible.

Among all the wonderful choices that day were: fried chicken, smoked sausage, sweet potato casserole, fried eggplant (their eggplant is incredible – and the recipe’s a secret – it’s not even in the cookbook they sell), cabbage, rice and gravy, rolls, and for dessert – banana pudding and bread pudding. I’m sure I left out a few dishes in this listing, but it was more than enough and everything was of course just delicious. Yum!

Fried Chicken at The Dinner Bell, McComb MS

Fried Chicken

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