Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, Ohio

Jungle Jim's Foodie Land outside of Cincinnati

Jungle Jim’s is a grocery store (and so much more) outside of Cincinnati (maybe 20 minutes?) in a town called Fairfield.

Jungle Jim’s is….an amusement park for foodies.

I used to think that Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market (in Decatur, GA, just outside of Atlanta) was the most amazing place to go grocery shopping – it *is* a remarkable place where you’ll see all kinds of groceries for sale that you’d never otherwise find – including fresh meats and fish. Well, Jungle Jim’s beats YDFM any day.

We bought food from England. Japan. Taiwan. Singapore. India. Thailand. Scotland. Ireland. China. Sweden. And several more, including some nice beers Av picked out.

I wish I could show you more pictures of the inside, but photography isn’t allowed.

We got…Tayto ‘Crisps’ from Ireland, Dodekai Baby Star Crispy Noodle Snacks from Japan, I-Mei ‘Just Black Choco Sandwich Cookies’ from Taiwan, Jotis Bechamel sauce mix from Greece, Kinder chocolate candies, Botan Rice Candy – when you eat this candy, you also eat the inner wrapper, Muscat Gummies from Japan (on the front it says, “Its translucent color so alluring and taste and aroma so gentle and mellow offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady. Enjoy soft and juicy Kasugai Muscat Gummy.”), Clarendon Yorkshire Toffees from Ireland, Av’s beers: Trafalgar, Triple Bornam Ale, Hitachino Nest White, Weyerbacher Heresy, Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, Sapporo Reserve, Duvel, and Fosters, La Valle Pomodori tomatoes, rose syrup from Singapore, Ahmed rose water from Pakistan, Mackay’s Orange Marmalade from Scotland, Tasty Joy Lychees from Taiwan, and Southern Comfort Tea (we’ve never seen that before).

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