Drury Inn, Frankenmuth (MI)

Drury Inn, Frankenmuth MI

Room: This was our second stay ever at a Drury Inn. On the whole, I would say it is comparable with the average Hampton Inn. Everything about the room was pretty average; the room size was maybe a little larger than average. Internet access was included in the cost of the room. We checked in at an early evening hour and were given a handicap-accessible room; it seems like the hotel would want to keep those available for late in the evening so that if someone really needed that type of room, it would be available. ((I didn’t include a pic of the bathroom here since it probably isn’t indicative of what the other rooms have, with the special shower, etc.)).

Lobby: Average; area for breakfast to be served.

Service: Friendly.

Food: They served afternoon drinks and a small breakfast, but we didn’t partake in either.

Extra: A computer was set up in the lobby so that any of the guests who hadn’t brought along a laptop could check emails, etc. Drury Inn also had a promotion so that the first hour of long distance was free of charge (I haven’t seen that elsewhere). The mini-fridge included two free soft drinks and a bag of popcorn for the microwave. I think this is how (maybe only this particular Drury, I’m not sure) these hotels distinguish themselves from other chain hotels at this price point.


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