This Car Climbed Mt. Washington. Until I Had An Anxiety Attack.

4000 Feet up Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

We were on our way from Freeport, Maine to Montreal, when I saw that if we just drove twenty or thirty miles out of the way, we could climb the highest peak in New England. There’s even a road to the top! So why not!?

Well, we started out to climb Mt. Washington. We paid the entrance fee, read the warnings and vehicle restrictions, put Av’s car in 1st gear – for the whole trip up and back – and with smiles on our faces, started out.

Until we got to about 2/3 of the way up. The van started running a little hot (the instruction sheet said that was normal and to just put the heater on). The road went from paved to dirt/gravel. And I started thinking, “okay, we are thousands of miles from home. There is no Enterprise Rent-A-Car close to here. And what the heck are we doing to our car?”. Being out in the boonies without a way to the rest of my beautiful vacation got me a little freaked out.

So we turned around.

It was still fun! And the views – 2/3rds up, anyway – were beautiful!

More about Mt. Washington…and it really is an interesting place….can be found here.


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