Milk Glass for the Outdoors

Plastic Milk Glass!

A recent issue of Elle Decor had a story about a team at K-Mart that was branding their products as “Essential Home” or “Home Essential” (on Kmart’s website, it goes by both names), with a fresher style than most of the older stock stand-bys that they carry.

One of the products that the article featured was plastic cups for outdoor use that mimiced the look of milk glass. I’m not really a huge milk glass fan, but I thought that was such a fun idea!

I haven’t been to a KMart in a few years….I’ve tried to avoid big-box stores (not always successfully, but I do try) – not for any huge political or other really interesting reasons – I’m just not wild about them, and as someone who is married to a small-business owner, I can totally understand doing business with people who are more like me (is that corny?). Anyway.

KMart had the exact glasses I saw in Elle Decor. I bought four large glasses – perfect for tea or water, and four more glasses that would be perfect for ice cream. Nice!

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