Hampton Inn, Freeport (ME)

Hampton Inn, Freeport Maine

Room: This Hampton Inn seemed to be nicer than most. It didn’t have the usual Hampton look – the outside was a yellow clapboard that fit in very well with the other buildings in Freeport. The room itself was perhaps a little larger than average size, but the tall ceilings made it appear even larger. Overall it was nice and comfortable.

Lobby: Perhaps a little nicer than average.

Service: Check-in was friendly.

Food: They serve a breakfast, with the cost included in the room cost. Av had a biscuit and said it was fine.

Extra: Freemont is a nice town that is probably best known as being the home of L.L. Bean. We went to the store, and it really is open 24 hours/day, 365 days/year! There are tons of other outlet shops here.

Our experience is this: We would stay here again.

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