Tunica Casino Update, and Adventures at the Semi-Venerable Blue and White

Last week, the Harrah’s Tunica became “Resorts Tunica”. Harrah’s sold their casino, and now the same (new to Tunica) firm owns Bally’s Tunica.

We went to the new “Resorts Tunica” first, to see if they had changed the interior, which is Mardi Gras-themed (they haven’t). We spent a little time at the Grand Casino, and finally the Horseshoe Casino. I was hoping there would be a show that we would want to go see, but there really wasn’t much going on. There is a blues museum at the Horseshoe that was really pretty good. We did really well at the Horseshoe, and had supper there at the buffet (which is 500% better than any of the others). Thing is, everybody else knows that the Horseshoe is the best place to eat! They have a reservations system so that when you go up to the desk, they tell you what time to come back (even when you come back there is still a bit of a wait).

Supper at the casino was actually the second meal we ate in Tunica that day. The first was at the Blue and White, a Tunica institution.

We had really good intentions of having a nice lunch at a non-casino, local restaurant.

The Blue and White has both a menu and a steam table buffet option for lunch. We ordered from the menu: Av ordered the chicken fried steak and I ordered the fried chicken livers. Both entrees came with two side dishes, so I had the onion rings (huge and good) and potato salad (I love potato salad but this was icky). Av chose french fries (good) and fried bell peppers (they were great!!).

Sadly, this was our last trip to the Blue and White.

There was a rather boisterous customer there who ‘had a deal’ with another waitress (other than the one he got) about being charged a lesser price for a special request meal. When the waitress (who didn’t know about the ‘deal’) gave him the bill for the cost that’s on the menu, he got loud and virtually everybody on our side of the restaurant knew about it. He went on and on and on about it, to the waitress, and to the other people at his table. The difference (this guy was so loud, everybody knew the details whether they wanted to or not) was a big $2. He said over and over again to nobody in particular “I’m never coming here again”. The waitress, who was really nice and apologetic, came back in tears, saying that the manager said that he got a good deal and that he wasn’t going to change the check. The angry customer kept asking for the manager, and she kept going back to the kitchen to get him, but he wouldn’t come out. This honestly went on for over thirty minutes. If it would have made things better, Av and I would have added the huge $2 difference to our bill, but we both knew that wouldn’t solve this guy’s problem. Finally – after thirty or forty minutes – the manager came out, and he essentially blamed the waitress for not knowing about the guy’s ‘deal’, although saying that the restaurant was losing money every time he got the ‘deal’.

I really don’t want to patronize any place that is managed by a person that lets servers take the brunt and the blame for something that is beyond their control. It just irritates me that this manager wouldn’t come out and face the problem (no matter how busy or crazy the kitchen might have been, who knows).

When I was in high school and college, I worked for a local fast-food place to save up for tuition and books, etc. and had a couple of occasions (and witnessed a few) where a customer would just come in on a bad day and take it out on whoever was behind the counter. Nobody deserves that. Sad.

We felt so bad for the waitress.

On the way out, even though she wasn’t the one serving us, Av said “nobody should have to take that” and gave her $20. She smiled and thanked him. Not everybody is crazy.

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