Lambert’s Cafe, Foley (AL)

Everytime Av and I go to Gulf Shores, we stop at Lambert’s Cafe in Foley for either lunch or supper. During the summertime, Lambert’s can get super-busy…because so many people go through Foley either on their way in or out from the beach, and just about everybody knows how great it is!

I had the chicken livers, which were *really* good, and Av had the chicken and dumplings, which he really liked too. Besides the vegetables you can get with your meal, they also serve ‘pass arounds’ – things like fried okra, stewed tomatoes with macaroni, and fried potatoes with onions – that everyone has the opportunity to choose, no matter what they ordered off the menu. Every so often, someone will come out with pans of hot rolls and throw them to anyone that wants one, which is fun to watch (and do!).

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