A few days ago when we were in Gulf Shores, we drove over to Biloxi to see ‘Ezuru’, a show that runs at the Beau Rivage thru June 12th.

This is how the Beau Rivage website describes it:

EZURU comes to Beau Rivage! This “must see” extravaganza is from the creators of Balagan and Taganai. Casting traveled throughout the world to find these multi-talented performers. Most of these artists including Chinese acrobats, aerialists and comedians have never been to the United States. This is a show that the whole family will love.

It’s original music score makes for a breathtaking production. EZURU can be described as having a futuristic style with an industrial flare.
A few years ago, we went to the Beau Rivage and saw Cirque du Soleil perform the show ‘Alegria‘, which was *absolutely beautiful*. It had something of a story, although I couldn’t really piece it all together….but it didn’t matter because it was all just so amazing.

Ezuru, which was done by a completely different company, was supposed to have a story, but I couldn’t even tell that it had anything at all to do with what the performers were actually doing. The performers, though, were really good, and there were several performances that I had never seen before. I especially liked the girls who played the diabolo (it’s….I guess….in the yo-yo family). They were great!

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