Holiday Inn, Meridian

Holiday Inn in Meridian, MS

Room: This room was a nice size, but a little dingy. We were upgraded at no charge to a room with a sofa. This hotel is set up in the older style – so rooms are accessible from the outside. I don’t think generally a great deal has been put toward renovations over the years to this hotel.

Lobby: I don’t know what the lobby looks like because we got there some time after 11pm so we had to check in *outside*. There was a little window on an exterior wall of the lobby where the desk manager came and checked us in. It was cold – and honestly, standing out there rather than inside the lobby, freezing, it really made me feel like maybe they thought either their own guests were thugs or people just walk up and are weird so they really need to do things outside after a certain hour. This didn’t make me have any good feelings about my own safety, but our choices were limited and we were tired. There was another party waiting to check in when we drove up, but again, it didn’t make me feel very safe that they didn’t allow their own guests to enter – especially ones that had reservations already.

Service: The person that checked us in was nice, and I don’t hold the fact that the hotel’s policy is to make people wait outside in the cold against her. She probably isn’t wild about doing guests that way, but if they *do* have a problem with weirdos, I’m glad that she is safe. Maybe they need to hire security. Who knows.

Food: We didn’t eat here, but there was a room-service menu with limited hours (there is an on-site restaurant) and I believe a continental breakfast was included with our room rate.

Our experience is this: This hotel was $10 more expensive than the Holiday Inn Express in nearby Forest. I would take the HIX in Forest any day over this one.

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