Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino, Tunica

Hotel Room, Sam
Our room at the Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino, Tunica

Room: The room itself here (furnishings-wise) is sub-Hampton, but okay. Although Av and I have been to Tunica several times — not for the casinos really, but for when we are working in the Delta — I really recommend the rooms at Harrah’s. We for some reason got a mailer from Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino offering $29 rooms for a week in December when we were going to need to be in that part of the Delta anyway for business. Since we only needed to stay one night in that particular area, we decided we would go just to see what that particular hotel and casino were like. The hotel has more than one floor, but several of the rooms (including ours) was on the first floor.

Important: if you’re wondering why anyone would stay in a $29/night room, well, agreed.  Until you realize that on the weekends these rooms go for hundreds, and during the week when the crowd has subsided, the casino is just happy to have warm bodies.  Yes, on Monday it’s a $29 room but on Friday this same room is $200+

Lobby: Average.

Service: The front desk was nice. We self-parked because it was snowy/icy and I didn’t want to give my Volvo to a valet, but the self-parking lot is super-close to the door anyway.

Food: We didn’t eat here at all – we arrived well after suppertime and left before we were in the mood for breakfast.

Our experience is this: For $29 would I do it again? …..mmmm….maybe. Certainly not for more than that, which is a silly thing to say, but true. The casino wasn’t very nice (and we’re not gamblers). For a casino experience, there are much better choices (again, Harrah’s) in Tunica/Robinsonville.

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